Shahid Jabbar

Shahid Jabbar, PhD, is the confounder and CTO of Mabel AI, a start-up that enables confidential medical conversations across language barriers through in-device AI.

Shahid Jabbar, is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for AI and impact startups. He holds a PhD in AI from Germany and has built and led technical teams in both large-scale orgnizations such as Boeing and early stage startups, such as eEducation Albert AB (IPO 2021), and VideaHealth inc. Boston (Seed A round: $20M raised).  Shahid is the co-founder and CTO of Mabel AI AB.

Mabel is a mobile app that enables real-time medical conversations across language barriers, while safeguarding patient confidentiality by keeping all AI operations in-device. Speech recognition means that patient can speak freely without having to interact with the app, which makes it easy to use even in emergency situations. The first version of Mabel is targeted towards victims and refugees from the war in Ukraine and intended for use all over Europe.