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How to transform health care and save life

Daniel Eliasson, co-founder & CEO, Gnosco

The human flourishing platformThe human flourishing platform

Pål Dobrin, Creative director at Empaticus

Entrepreneurial Journey Destination Digital Health

Björn Stansvik, MentorMate

A novel approach to assessment of peripheral nerve injury

Louise Warme, CEO & co founder LARA Diagnostics

Innovation to realisation in practice- Opportunities for SMEs

Keith Heaton, MD, I2R Medical Ltd

360 million lives: diagnosing and preventing hearing loss with your smartphone

Mike Pallett, CEO Cupris Health

Bringing innovative products to the UK and National Health Service (NHS)

Fay McCracken, Adviser, Office for Market Access & Technology Appraisals, CHTE, NICE

More than Patient Monitoring – Data driven digital healthcare

Keith Errey, CEO Isansys ”21st century medical devices and new patient pathways”

The future of medical research

Erik Gatenholm, co-Founder & CEO, CELLINK

Developing a new therapeutic approach to prevent thrombosis

Sten R. Sörensen, CEO, Cereno Scientific

From idea to reality – how hard can it be?

Lars Backsell, CEO, Recipharm AB (publ) ”All companies or products have their beginning in an idea – sometimes quite simple ideas become large companies or global products”

Outmaneuvering antibiotic resistance with virulence blockers

Fritiof Pontén, CEO, QuretechBio ”New treatment approaches targeting Tuberculosis and Gram positive HAI infections by restoring antibiotic susceptibility”

The competitive future – from a European Perspective

Alexander Schenk, Head of Stockholm Office European Investment Bank Group

Venture Capital financing of life science companies in the Nordic region

Nina Rawal, Head of Life Science, Industrifonden

Growth & development from a company group perspective

Artur Aira, COO, Executive Vice President

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