How does Sahlgrenska University Hospital work with change management, innovation and partnership? How are challenges and needs addressed for future care? Learn about good examples of collaboration for implementation that benefit both patients and healthcare processes. Ann-Marie Wennberg, Professor and CEO, Sahlgrenska University Hospital. 

ow can smart e-health solutions improve patient safety and efficiency in ambulance organizations and emergency departments? Aweria, a health tech startup specialized in emergency care. Karl Ahlstedt, CEO, Aweria

A sunshine story of collaboration between large companies, small entrepreneurs and involvement of management and employees. Juha-Matti Ranta, CEO Medanets Oy Johnie Berntsson, CIO, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

Is it possible for healthcare to catch up with the rest of society? Do we really want that to happen? Who has to do what and when? Is snogging the organisation the solution? Ragnar Lindblad, Head of the Departement for Healthcare Digitalization, Region Västra Götaland

How to tackle linguistic and cultural barriers in healthcare through digital medical visits. Häni Ashkar, CEO, Daqatra

SidekickHealth share their experience of launching a digital health platform combining behavioral economics, gamification, A.I. and personal coaching. All to improve health, care experience and financial performance at scale. Saemundur Oddsson , MD, SideKickHealth

They are Olympic medalists, world record holders, champions and national heroes. Now, every single one rely on a Swedish invention from Maurten, a startup who developed the world's fastest sports drink. Olof Sköld, CEO, Maurten

A journey from Diasend to Glooko Anders Sonsesson, Founder Diasend. VP/GM Glooko