Ketil F. Widerberg

Ketil F. Widerberg has background from the life science and software industry. In 2003 he joined the biotech Photocure developing photodynamic technology. In 2012 he entered the software industry with KSD Software providing global logistics technology in Europe, later to be acquired by Descartes from Canada. Since 2014 Widerberg has been Managing Director for Oslo Cancer Cluster, an oncology research and industry cluster. Widerberg holds board positions at Karolinska Institutet Innovation and Karolinska Institutet Holding as well as biotech companies NordicRWE and DoMoreDiagnostics. Widerberg contribute to different committees, including the health data expert committee from the Ministry of health in 2017. Widerberg’s educational background spans from preclinical medical school to management studies. He also holds an MBA from the University of Cambridge.