Arvid Carlsson Award

Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park

Innovation and knowledge in conjunction with good entrepreneurship is tributed when Sahlgrenska Science Park is awarding a prize in Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson’s honour.

Since 2017, Sahlgrenska Science Park awards the Arvid Carlsson Award every year in connection with Park Annual. The aim is to pay tribute to innovation, knowledge and competence in conjunction with good entrepreneurship through an award in Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson’s name.

In 2023, the prize will be awarded at Park Annual by Sahlgrenska Science Park on 9 November.


Previous winners of the Arvid Carlsson Award  together with Marianne Dicander Alexandersson, Chairman, Sahlgrenska Science Park and Charlotta Gummeson, CEO, Sahlgrenska Science Park.

About Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson

Arvid Carlsson, born 1923, was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine for ”discoveries concerning signal transduction in the nervous system ” in 2000. Among other things, he studied the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin. He shared the award with the Americans Paul Greengard and Eric R. Kandel. Arvid Carlsson’s research led to the recognition that Parkinson’s disease is caused by dopamine deficiency in some parts of the brain and subsequently to the production of Levodopa, an effective drug against this disease.

Arvid Carlsson was also a true entrepreneur, active in Sahlgrenska Science Park’s community for many years.

Read more about Arvid Carlsson and the Nobel Prize here.

”I am very happy and proud to name an award that strengthens and celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship while paying attention to the importance of constant competence development,” said Arvid Carlsson when the award was established in 2017.

Arvid Carlsson Nobel Prize laureate

Winners through the years

Winner 2022

Filip Peters, Acorai


For turning smartphones into heart failure monitoring devices 

With more than 60 million patients suffering from heart failure globally, the winner of the Arvid Carlsson Award 2022 is addressing a huge health and healthcare problem, by using new technologies to simplify the diagnosis and follow-up care. 

A non-invasive and handheld monitoring device allowing specialised healthcare to be performed remotely, may reduce heart failure re-hospitalization and mortality rates significantly. 

With an entrepreneurial spirit and a true dedication to solve one of the greatest health challenges in society today, the winner enables us to listen to our hearts with AI.

Filip Peters

Winner 2021

Anders Hyltander, Surgical Science


The winner of Arvid Carlsson Award 2021 is an excellent example of how a healthcare professional, who identified an unmet need in clinical training and practice, developed a concept that led to widespread improvements for patients and physicians as well as a successful company.

Together with a technical team and long before AI was on everybody’s lips, the winner developed products that are now on the market as virtual reality simulators, bridging the gap between classroom pedagogy and the operation room for surgeons in training.

The winner is an inspiration to others, showing how passion and persistence pay off, both in creating a successful business and in making a difference to patients.

Anders Hyltander, winner 2021

Winner 2020

Anna-Carin Olin, with team PExA


For turning academic cross-functional research into a marketed solution that addresses the rising need for biomarker identification and early diagnosis of lung disease through non-invasive measurement of the small airways.

Diseases of the lung represents an area of significant unmet medical need and increasing global prevalence, where the emergence of personalised medicine can make a huge difference with the support of effective biomarker analysis.

Anna-Carin Olin and her team show true entrepreneurship in offering both a product for immediate use in today’s research, as well as pioneering the implementation of new diagnostic standards enabling future use of novel treatment options.

Anna-Carin Olin, PExA

Winner 2019

Professor Jens Nielsen


The winner of Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park 2019 is a role model in translating fundamental research into innovation and an inspiration within entrepreneurship.

He has founded several biotech companies, striving to improve health through novel therapeutics.

He is highly recognized internationally within his field. His research, focused on systems biology, modeling of metabolism, and metabolic engineering of cell factories has created breakthrough opportunities for the industry.

Jens Nielsen, ACA winner 2019

Winner 2018

Kristina Lagerstedt and Susanne Staaf, founders of 1928 Diagnostics


The winners of Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park 2018 are internationally recognized through a technique that is considered to be pioneer in solving one of the world’s largest threats to human health. Antibiotic resistance.

With a global mindset from start in 2014, the Gothenburg-based company is already active in more than ten countries throughout Europe and is now planning future expansion in the US.

The founders show that dedication and true entrepreneurial spirit for a good cause based on research can make a difference in the world.

Kristina Lagerstedt and Susanne Staaf, ACA 2018

Winner 2017

Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez, founders of CELLINK (BICO)


Going to market with a life science product is known to take time in a complex regulatory environment.

Despite this the winners have built one of the fastest growing life science companies in Sweden with an international and sustainable mindset from the start.

With a true entrepreneurial spirit they are influencing others to believe in their ideas. With the future ahead of them, they dare to break boundaries by collaborating and building a strong team for successful business across the world.

Prisutdelning 2017-fri pressbild